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Specializing in the production of aluminum guide roller, inflatable shaft (inflatable shaft) and other mechanical accessories


Years of experience in research and development of customized machinery

Experienced R & D team

We have more advanced equipment, in product color, precision and other aspects have reached a relatively high level

Has a number of R & D engineers, with strong technical production strength

The company pays attention to user practice and product R & D, and has achieved many R & D achievements

Adhering to the principle of "quality and benefit guarantee", we can customize various mechanical parts products for the new and old customers


The product has good performance and excellent quality

Help you reduce costs and improve efficiency

Follow the international quality management system, strictly control the cost and reduce the price

Complete production and testing process, reduce the probability of unqualified products, defective products, reduce losses

Before each product leaves the factory, it is strictly tested by the equipment, and unqualified products are forbidden to leave the factory

Implement plan management, pay attention to process control, make good quality products for customers


Perfect service system, no worries after-sales

Create value for you with good quality

Customer service 24 hours online, at any time to answer your service

Respond to customer feedback timely and effectively

Provide technical guidance free of charge, listen to customer feedback, timely follow up on the problem solving

There is no need to worry about the after-sales service of the products, and we will provide you with high-quality and considerate after-sales service


Specializing in the production of aluminum guide roller, inflatable shaft (inflatable shaft) and other mechanical accessories

Ruian Qiqi Machinery Factory

    Ruian Qiqi Machinery Factory. is located in Ruian City, Zhejiang Province. It is specialized in producing roller, embossing roller, mirror roller, electromagnetic heating roller, engraving roller, aluminum guide roller, air expansion shaft (air expansion shaft), air expansion sleeve and rubber roller , rubber roller, Dingqing rubber roller, slip shaft, magnetic powder clutch, magnetic powder brake, tension control system, deviation correction system and other mechanical parts industry, rich experience. The products are widely used in packaging machine, bag making machine, printing machine, coating machine, compound machine, slitting machine, paper making machine and other supporting machinery. The product structure is reasonable, the shape is beautiful, the quality is reliable, the price is reasonable, and the delivery is timely. We can customize all kinds of mechanical parts for the new and old users.
    We have rich experience
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We have rich experience in design, production and manufacture of aluminum guide roller, providing excellent products and perfect service for the majority of users

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